Highest First


It was probably about 5 years ago when I was big into Deepak Chopra that I came across the concept of Highest First.  He has a book called “Creating Affluence: The A-to-Z Steps to a Richer Life”.  Though I found it to be gimmicky, going through each letter of the alphabet and espousing some nugget of wisdom, I was also impressed by his expansive definition of affluence.  It was in letter ‘B’ that I found the concept of Highest First:

“B stands for better and best.  Evolution implies getting better and better in every way with time, ultimately getting for ourselves the best of everything.  People with wealth consciousness settle only for the best.  This is also called the principle of highest first.  Go first class all the way, and the universe will respond by giving you the best.”

This was revolutionary for me, coming from the protestant probity of my upbringing.  According to the unspoken teachings of my family, I should humbly accept what is offered to me, and never strive to snatch more than I deserve.  Do I deserve to have the highest first in all things? I wondered.  Yes!  I determined. But deciding I was worth the best that life has to offer, just like those people with “wealth consciousness”, was not has hard as putting the principle into practice.  There was something in me that felt I should wait for my true desires, perhaps thinking that delayed gratification was the noble or honorable thing to do.  I secretly thought I wasn’t worth having the best.

Every day, we are faced with dozens of decisions for which we have to calculate the best response.  Sometimes it is not always clear what Highest First is.  It takes some getting used to.  There were times when I would lie to myself, or pretend that I wanted something else when I was scared to ask for Highest First.  But with time, the practice has grown with me and become a natural tool for discovering who I am, moment to moment, and decision to decision.  As of this moment, it has never led me astray.

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  1. Hi Brooksley,
    I love this post. I just heard that Reba McIntyre told an up-and-coming singer songwriter, “Always spring for that limo!” Makes me think about how we so often short change ourselves. I might not spring for an actual limo, but in terms of the friends I make and keep, the person I marry, the way I choose to make a living, the services I do, I am springing for the highest and best. Thanks for the reminder!
    Love, Nerissa

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