There are a million quotes out there about “You are what you eat” and “Your food is your medicine” and so forth, but have you ever stopped to think about what that really means?  Have you considered how the food that you take from your plate and into your mouth becomes your actual bodily tissues?  The truth is, eating is the most literal way that we take in the world.  We are literally eating the world each time we put food into our mouths.  What we choose to eat is the language we use to communicate with our own bodies.  How do those conversations go?  Yes a candy bar may taste delicious, and lord knows I love a good candy bar, but what is the silent message we are sending to our bodies?  We show a lot of preferential treatment to the small surface area of the tongue, letting IT decide which tastes and foods we are going to eat.  But what about the rest of our body?  Is it possible that all of our other organs might be desperately praying, “Please, god, let her eat a beet!”?

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